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The conference aims to introduce the concept of community engagement as a tool for personal and professional development of students and young people, especially during the exchange experience.


Conference Erasmus Generation on the Labour Market, which will take place from 20 - 21 May online, will look into several topics connected to the employability of the Erasmus+ (and other exchange and mobility programmes) alumni. The conference is open to the Higher Education Institutions and International Relations/Erasmus+ Office representatives, National Agencies/National Erasmus+ Office representatives, students and student representatives, youth workers and youth representatives, and volunteers who are interested in the topic of mobility and its benefits in an academic and career orientation context, as well as in the context of personal and  professional development.

The focus of day one will be on study exchanges and the impact that the mobility experience has on students in connection to their personal and professional development, career orientation and in the end, employability. The focus of day two will be on civil society and the role that the student and youth organisations play in the development of young people thanks to the activities they organise and engagement opportunities they provide. You will also have an opportunity to gain a better look into the new Europass and the opportunities it provides, as well as participate in the interview simulation sessions. If you want to practice how to verbalise the competences you have developed and your experience in a job interview, please register through this link since the spots are limited.

While some sessions are more tailored for one target group and other sessions are more tailored for another target group, everyone can participate in any of the sessions of their liking. Additionally, participation in the full duration of the conference isn’t mandatory, meaning you can choose to participate in the sessions you are interested in.


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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Experiential Learning (NFE)
Promotion of Participation in Student Mobility
Recognition of Skills
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