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The objective of the event was to show high school students the beauty of the Erasmus project, the support that ESN can give them and the linguistic requirements required (and not).


A small webinar with the participation of 65 high school students, many of whom already have Cambridge certification. With this webinar, together with Cambridge, we wanted to show one of the ways in which certifications can be used and enhanced. During the presentation we explained what ESN is and what it does, what Erasmus is, how certifications can be useful and finally a part about our personal experiences with space for questions. Cambridge spoke about Erasmus from more technical points of view, also focused on the interpretation of some notices in order to make it clear how to find the required linguistic requirements. Finally, the opposite was also underlined, i.e. that just as the certification can be useful for the ranking or for the language requirement of the foreign university, at the same time during mobility people practice languages ​​so much that many upon returning decide to take a certification thanks the level reached or the knowledge acquired.

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Promotion of Participation in Student Mobility
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