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Goal of the Activity

This activity has two main objectives. On the one hand, to provide international students with mental health management tools as well as a safe space where they can discuss their ideas, thoughts and past experiences related to this topic. 

On the other hand, to make them aware of the importance of environmental conservation and diversity, to introduce them to local fauna and flora and to make them collaborate in this process of nature preservation.


Our students travel to Villalar, a town in the province of Valladolid, with a bus sponsored by the town council. There, they have a mental health workshop developed by volunteers from ESN Burgos and ESN Valladolid, with interactive activities for them to think and share their experiences.

 Afterwards, related to this topic, ideas and opinions on why students do not participate in the associative life are discussed.

After a lunch all together, also sponsored by the city council, an environmental workshop is given by Grefa, an environment friendly association, where students can participate by planting trees and learning about the local biodiversity.

Finally, they go to the village where they learn about the local culture.


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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Fighting Climate Crisis
Encouraging Wildlife Protection
Reducing Waste and Promoting Recycling
Mental Health & Well-Being
Protecting Nature and Promoting Biodiversity
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