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Objective / Goal of the activity

Students who would be finishing their exchange or who would like to clear out their room were invited to donate clothes, books, kitchenware and other useful items they no longer needed to a local charity, 'Refuweegee'. Refuweegee welcome refugees to Glasgow by providing them with a welcome pack, which contains donated items they may need to feel at home in the city. The students were invited to write a small "Letter from a Local" - a postcard which would be included in the welcome pack, to welcome the new arrivals with a small message, for example, some advice on the best parks to visit. The goal of the activity was to raise awareness of how we can help others in society in a small way, and to inform students more about the work which people in Glasgow are doing to welcome refugees, and integrate them into life here. The collection also aimed to raise awareness of environmental sustainability - instead of creating waste by throwing our old items away, we can recycle them by giving them to someone who will use them! 


Have you finished exchange and heading home? Don't throw away your belongings, donate them!
Refuweegee is a local-based charity who provides welcome packs for newly arriving refugees in Glasgow.
You can donate anything from homeware and household items, clothing, toiletries and stationery. Included in your donation Refuweegee encourage writing "Letters fae the locals" - a welcome note for the arrivals.

ESN UofG have organised a collection point on campus to make your donation super easy!
We will be in the Fraser Building from 12pm-1.30pm on:
- Wednesday 11th
- Friday 13th
- Wednesday 18th
- Friday 20th

To learn more about Refuweegee and what you can donate visit: https://www.refuweegee.co.uk/your-donations

Donate=Good Action + Save the Planet by Up-cycling ❤📦♻

Result of the activity

Students donated several bags of items they no longer needed including books, blankets and clothing. After Christmas, ESN UofG donated the items to Refuweegee who used them to include in welcome packs for new families arriving in January. We also donated some "Letters from a Local". Students were happy to help out a local charity and helped to save their items from going to waste by recycling. 

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