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Causes covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

The goal of the activity was to update Erasmus students on the, at the time, on-going situation of the Corona virus (Covid19). Since one of our missions as ESNers is to make sure Erasmus students have all the information they need and feel safe even during hard times, we shared a list of vital information about the regulations of the second  phase of the pandemic. We also left an open box for any kind of questions and concerns they might come across. 

Learning Objective for the participants

Most of the international students went back home form their learning abroad experience, but the ones who stayed had to face a really hard and complicated time of uncertainty. Therefore, we wanted to let them know that they could count on us and that we would help them about anything they needed. It was necessary to share information and awareness because regulations during that specific period were often difficult to understand (even for native speakers) and we tried to made them as clear as possible for anyone. 

Result of the activity

The Instagram stories were seen by the students. We also received questions about the situation and we promptly replied to the students. 

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