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Build EU Climate Carrier


Passionate about the European Union and its impact on your life and future? Ready to share your perspectives and make your voice heard? 


We're excited to launch Climate Carrier, a key part of the INFORSE project. Our mission is to catalyze conversation on the EU’s role and its influence on a wide range of topics, from citizen involvement and climate awareness to the circular economy. In a series of dialogues, we're bringing together young people from all over the EU to discuss the role of the EU in our daily lives and our collective future.  


This is your platform to share experiences, voice your hopes for the future, and explore both the EU’s role and your personal contribution to these important topics. Whether you're a seasoned EU enthusiast or just starting your journey, we invite you to be part of this transformative dialogue.

Let's dive into a deeper understanding of the EU and our role within it. 

#ClimateCarrier #Heartbeat #TheYoungsters #MandateToResponsibility #Folkedybet #EUandYouth #EUDialogue #EuropeForYouth

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Fighting Climate Crisis
Boosting Urban Nature
Foster Europe and European Citizenship
Protecting Nature and Promoting Biodiversity

This activity is part of the project:

Green Erasmus
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