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The Green Erasmus project strives to improve the environmental sustainability of the Erasmus+ Programme and raise awareness across the European Higher Education sector about the importance of sustainable internationalisation. Thanks to a holistic approach that encompasses the lifecycle and several dimensions of Erasmus+ mobility, the Green Erasmus project results are conceived to raise awareness and increase literacy about sustainability by providing user-friendly tools to Higher Education Institutions as well as local, incoming and outgoing students. 


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Research Report

A research that compares over 10.000 students’ consumer behaviour, travel behaviour, and daily life habits while at home and during their mobility.

Handbook for sustainable internationalisation cover image

Handbook for sustainable internationalisation

This Handbook provides International Relations Offices with information and resources to include sustainability principles in their internationalisation practices.

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Instructions for the workshop

These are the instructions to conduct the workshop “Mobility and sustainability: How sustainable will your Erasmus experience be?” included in the Green Erasmus Handbook for sustainable internationalisation. From this document you can also download the slides ready to use.

The Green Erasmus guidelines for environmental activities are targeted at any local student associations wishing to engage international and local students and work together with local environmental associations to understand environmental issues by using a learning-by-doing approach.

Guidelines for Environmental Activities

The Green Erasmus Portal provides students with tips and tricks to act sustainably before, during and after their Erasmus experience.

Green Erasmus Portal

Green Erasmus Policy Recommendations

Policy Recommendations - Sustainable Internationalisation for a Sustainable Europe

The role of Higher Education Institutions can be capitalised further as a means to achieve the sustainability goals of the European Union. These policy recommendations propose measures to reach this goal.

Green Erasmus Petition

Green Erasmus Petition

Find out our proposal to revamp the green travel top-up and encourage sustainable mobility.

Green Erasmus Education Framework

Green Erasmus Educational Framework

The Green Erasmus Educational Framework is a guidebook that serves as a guideline intended for teaching staff, staff responsible for curricula design, and other relevant personnel in Higher Education Institutions who have the responsibility to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their Institutions.

Green Erasmus in action

Green Erasmus in action - Report of on-the-ground activities

The Green Erasmus guidelines for environmental activities encourage sustainable behaviours and lifestyles through activities that connect international students and locals by a learning-by-doing approach. This report gathers all the local Green Erasmus initiatives.







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