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Here we present you an important event that has affected very closely an area that in recent months has become famous throughout Italy and perhaps in the world.  In Vo Euganeo there was the first death of Covid19 in Italy and was, together with Codogno, the first red area in Italy with checkpoints at every border.  The main activity of this event was to distribute potatoes to the citizens of Vo.

But, why potatoes? Easly, because they are one of the poorest and simplest foods, as It's simple but essential using a mask to safeguard lives. The event was organized in collaboration with the Veneto Imbruttito, the Protezione Civile of Borgo Veneto and the Croce Bianca of Grisignano. For the occasion, since it was red zone, we were able to invite only 1 Erasmus with us. 


The aim of the event was to not create gatherings and therefore every association that participated, helped and supported the initiative with only some of their volunteers. During the day we focused on the distribution of potatoes, sanitized masks and towels to the population of Vo. There was also a White Cross booth on site which raised funds to be used for the fight against Covid19. We tried to involve our Erasmus (who spoke Italian) and together with a councilor from the municipality of Vo, we explained in detail what happened and the difficulties that the citizens faced. Everything ended with some pictures of the day and the visit of a pediatric ambulance with the explanation of all the equipment contained inside.

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