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Training Event: Beyond Biases - intercultural understanding between local and international youth
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"Beyond Biases - intercultural understanding between local and international youth" initiative is to catalyze a transformative shift in the socio-cultural landscape of Latvia. By strategically employing a multi-faceted approach, the initiative aims to dismantle deep-rooted biases and prejudices that hinder meaningful connections between local and international youth. Through workshops, educational outreach, and setting behavioral examples, the initiative endeavors to raise awareness and promote sustainable knowledge exchange. The ultimate objective is to foster social inclusion, bridging the gaps that perpetuate social stigma against foreigners in Latvia.

The initiative seeks to address the pressing issue of persistent social stigma, which acts as a barrier to genuine understanding and integration between local and international youth. By immersing participants in a diverse community, the initiative aims to break down walls of prejudice and create a supportive environment for shared experiences and open dialogues. The use of English as a unifying tool will further enhance communication and cooperation. As a result, the initiative envisions a more inclusive and interconnected community where youth collaborate seamlessly, embrace diversity, and actively contribute to the shared future of Latvia and the broader European context. Through challenging biases and fostering empathy, the initiative strives to replace social stigma with a culture of acceptance, collaboration, and shared growth, paving the way for a more harmonious society in Latvia and beyond.


In response to the current socio-political landscape in Latvia, the "Beyond Biases" initiative recognizes the increasing openness of young adults to explore opportunities beyond familiar environments. However, it also acknowledges the deep-seated prejudices and biases stemming from social stigmas that hinder genuine understanding and integration between local and international youth. The presence of these biases poses a significant obstacle to the potential for growth and connection.

Addressing the pressing issue of social stigma against foreigners in Latvia, the initiative seeks to dismantle barriers that impede meaningful connections between local and international youth. This perpetuated cycle of misconceptions, misunderstandings, and exclusion prevents the full realization of the potential for cultural enrichment and collaboration.

The initiative, conceived as a strategic response to this challenge, involves exposing young adults to unfamiliar situations outside their comfort zones. This occurs within a secure and supportive environment guided by experienced trainers. The objective is to break down the walls of prejudice hindering intercultural understanding. Participants will be immersed in a diverse community, united by a common purpose of expanding cultural horizons.

Through shared experiences, collaborative activities, and open dialogues, participants will not only learn about each other's backgrounds but also witness the richness that comes from embracing diversity. This transformative journey aims to equip participants with insights, empathy, and skills to bridge cultural divides. The newfound understanding will inspire them to take active roles on the European stage, contributing to shaping the future of the EU.

The initiator's motivation lies in immersing local youth in uncharted territories beyond their familiar boundaries within a secure haven led by skilled mentors. The initiative aims to unite youth from various origins, driven by a shared ambition to expand their cultural perspectives and play a pivotal role in shaping the forthcoming EU landscape.

Planned activities include an introduction session about ESN Latvia and ESN Finland, team-building activities, and brainstorming methods for delivering workshops on social inclusion. The initiative also involves group division, assignment of workshop topics, engagement of external experienced facilitators for support, and time for workshop preparation. The delivery phase includes finalizing workshops and presenting them to participants for feedback. The initiative culminates in workshops on social inclusion and relationships between local and international youth, prepared by volunteers guided by experienced trainers. Through these activities, the initiative strives to foster a more inclusive society in Latvia and beyond, gradually replacing social stigma with a culture of acceptance, collaboration, and shared growth.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Counter Stereotypes & Embrace Cultural Differences
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Foster Intercultural Dialogue
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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