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International students visiting Beylerbeyi Palace for cultural purposes and visual beauty
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To feel the smell of history more closely with the spaciousness and spaciousness of this palace, which is in the center of Istanbul with both its cultural accumulation and visual perfection.


Beylerbeyi Palace is a historical monument constructed by Sultan Abdülaziz in the late periods of the Ottoman Empire. Showcasing a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture, the palace provides visitors with a historical and cultural experience. Additionally, its vast garden and panoramic view of the Bosphorus create a visual spectacle. Having played a significant role in Ottoman history and governance, the palace appeals to tourists, photographers, and architecture enthusiasts alike. Offering a tranquil atmosphere, Beylerbeyi Palace stands as a noteworthy destination for those wishing to explore Istanbul's tourist attractions and cultural richness.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Showcase Cultural Heritage
Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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