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The image shows participants of the event holding the ESN-EYE flag in a park in Lodz during the picnic after the team competition.
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Goal of the Activity

The goal of the acitivity was to engage participants in a team competition focused on nature and ecology. By finding hidden QR codes, teams tackled tasks to improve cleanliness around Lodz University of Technology. Then, everyone enjoyed a picnic in Poniatowski Park.


Team competition on the topic of nature and ecology!  And at the end, a picnic in the park! 

Sounds interesting? We present to you a team game in which, by actively participating, you’ll improve cleanliness on the premises of Lodz University of Technology and its surroundings.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to defeat opposing teams!  Your task will be to find hidden QR codes along the way and proceed according to the instructions and tasks concealed within them. Finally, we’ll have a picnic in Poniatowski Park, where we’ll spend time together! 
The event was created as part of the European Youth Week. 

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Boosting Urban Nature
Protecting Nature and Promoting Biodiversity
This activity was organised by: