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Bike tour

Bike Tour

10/09/2022 Upcoming

Porto, PT

A bike tour around the city to enjoy the colours of the fall

ESN Porto

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Volunteering promoting the Erasmus+ program

Rebuild a Home

06/05/2022 - 08/05/2022

Queijas, PT

The integration of international students in a new environment, in which they work with children differentiated from society, and who live withdrawn from their family. Creating a new space for them to feel like their home.

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Education & Youth

Multiple people around a coffee workshop table in a coffee shop

Mobility Café Workshop


Porto, PT

The goal of this activity is to promote an informal place to discuss mobility with current mobility students and former local mobility students.  We expected the local community to get more engaged in the internationalization that is happening in their city, that they shared their experiences abroad along with the International Students and learned about different kinds of mobility and the opportunities that are there for them. Also, we would like to give the International Students a chance to get to know more about our local community and share their experiences to attract the locals to also take part in the internationalization happening.  Also, we did it along with a very interactive workshop and informal talking that would make the participants happy, excited and comfortable by learning different things about coffee making!   

ESN Porto