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Skills & Employability

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Travel like a PRO


Tomar, PT

  The workshop was designed to achieve the following objectives: Show the student the best way to travel in the cheapest form; Introduce the advantages of the ESNcard; Present travel hacks; Achieving teamwork among participants.

ESN Tomar


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Waffle Night by ESN Tomar


Tomar, PT

The main objective of this event is to make sure exchange students interact with each other more often putting aside language differences and getting them out of their comfort zone.

ESN Tomar


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Blind Friendship


Tomar, PT

The main goal of this event is to give the chance to exchange students to break the ice and get out of their comfort zone in order to interact more and expand their social life.

ESN Tomar

Skills & Employability

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National Recruitment Campaign

15/01/2020 - 04/02/2020

Portugal, PT

The main goals of this campaign were to increase the number of applications for volunteering in ESN in the local sections across Portugal and, as an added bonus, across the network; to provide the local sections of ESN Portugal with material for this mandatory recruitment process; and to increase the visibility of the Federation and the Local Sections towards the local communities.  

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A portuguese family near a Christmas tree posing for the photo. 4 people standing up in the upper line, 3 adults sitting and a little girl on the bottom line. The last person sitting down on the bottom line, right corner is an international student.

Christmas with Portuguese Families

24/11/2019 - 26/12/2019

Porto, PT

The project Christmas with Portuguese Families aims to encourage Portuguese Families to host International Students in their homes for the Christmas Holidays, but also to inform the International Students that were staying in Portugal for the Holidays, that they could experience them in a very special way, by taking part in the Christmas Night and Day of a Portuguese Family. This project started because there were a lot of international students staying in Portugal for these holidays because they were not able to travel to their home countries, and it could mean they would end up spending this special time of the year alone. With this initiative, we can tackle this issue and provide them with a unique experience during their time abroad! Christmas with Portuguese Families, while being managed by ESN Portugal allows local sections without the capacity to develop this activity locally to join the project and give more opportunities to their international students, by providing the local sections with all the emails, communication package and materials needed to implement the project. This national project also had the objective to reach international students who study in a city or Higher Education Institution without a local ESN section.

ESN Portugal and 15 other organisations