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Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

Sexual Health Education


Instagram and Zoom

Unfortunately, I would say there is a big lack of knowledge of sexual health in Turkey. With this activity we aim to make participants more knowledgeable about sexual health, sexual transmitted disease, gender equality in sexuality and psychological perspective of sexuality. We believe that is a topic  that people are not able to talk about due to some reasons. We just want people to be more free to talk about their sexuality and sexual orientation.

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Health & Well-being

Skin Care

Covid19 Skin Care Talk


Google Meet

Human beings' knowledge of diseases has helped them understand how the healthy body works, just as knowing about normal body functioning helps to define and detect diseases. The face actually offers a lot of information about people's health.  In the current situation, we all have to wear a mask to avoid getting sick.  So, did any changes occur in your face due to your mask?  If it happened, have you been able to deal with this problem or are you still looking for solutions? 

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Environmental Sustainability

Students with electronic devices


11/01/2021 - 18/01/2021


The goal of this event is to make people more aware of the relation between eating meat and wasting water. There is a big problem that is called ''global warming'' in the world which effect most of the human, plants and animals. We wanted to give information about this topic and start a challenge to not eat meat for a week and save some water.

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ESNOKAN Social Inclusion Day

Coffee Talk



Because of the pandemic, we are not be able to come together, but that does not mean that we cannot communicate or share the ideas.  There is a weekend long curfew this weekend. So we've decided to put on a Coffee Talk event since we all will be sitting at home. We've been out for too long and thought of continuing our events however it's possible.  As the name of the event describes itself, it's gonna be a Coffee Talk where you can grab your coffe of tea and talk about whichever topic we want. It may be languages, cultural exhange, politcs etc. We just aim to have a nice and warm ambiance. 

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Students waiving multiple flags during an event

Kebab Night


Ciğerci Hüseyin, TR

 Goal of the activity is eating Turkish tradational kebab and talking turkish culture.

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