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ESN Milano-Bicocca helping the incoming!

Hangar Bicocca with ESN Milano-Bicocca


Milan, IT

The aim of this activity was to introduce the new erasmus into our distric inside Milan. We wanted to let them know how many possibilities they have in our city, just two steps away from the University. 

ESN Milano-Bicocca

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ESN Milano-Bicocca helping the outgoings!

Join Erasmus+ with ESN Milano-Bicocca

21/01/2020 - 23/01/2020

Milan, IT

The aim of our activity was to help the outgoing students to join the Erasmus+ program. We supported our university after the main presentation of the mobility program and we offered at our university students the possibility to talk with former erasmus about the incredible experience of the erasmus.

ESN Milano-Bicocca