ESN Bahcesehir activities


experiences the environment

Flea Market


Şişli, TR

What else awaits you at Bomonti? Leather jackets, shoes and boots, sunglasses, jewellery, record players and gramophones, snakeskin handbags… The list is endless! We saw interesting furnitures and old stylish clothes. Main goal is to experience the culture.

ESN Bahcesehir

Social Inclusion

having fun by watching film

Movie Night


Karaköy, TR

The main goal is to learn the Hawking's life and what he have been going through throughout his experiments and at the same time he try to survive from a severe health problem. To understand his emotions and thought, we try to make empathy.

ESN Bahcesehir

Social Inclusion

At the end of the activity, here we are with the waste we collect.

Let's Collect Waste in Burgazada


Istanbul, TR

The main goal of the activity is to influence awarness about environmental destructions and interruptions because of the human made causes which is the main problem, the usage of plastics etc. Collecting waste (plastics etc) in a very popular beach can increase the awareness of throwing them can cause a profound harm to both our environment and eco-system.

ESN Bahcesehir



Karaoke Night


Kadıköy/İstanbul, TR

To get to know each other ESN OZU and ESN BAHÇEŞEHİR Erasmus students better and popular songs in their countries.

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