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Objective / Goal of the activity

The aim of this workshop was to introduce healthy vegan food to International Students and generate a debate about veganism, vegetarianism and how to make sustainable choices when choosing what we eat. Furthermore, because this event was hosted by a vegan restaurant in the city, our aim was also to promote small, local business that have a positive impact on the community and on the environment.


This activity was hosted by O Burrito, a vegan, sustainable restaurant in Coimbra. They worked with our volunteers to choose the recipes and prepare everything for the workshop, which was taught by the owner of the restaurant.

The participants payed a small fee for the workshop (to cover the cost of the ingredients), which consisted in teaching three different vegan dishes: a starter, an entrée and a dessert. All of the dishes were varied, but accessible to every cook and budget. At the end of the workshop, everyone got to eat what they had made, as well as keep the recipes that were taught.

Result of the activity

This activity sparked an interesting debate on vegetarianism and veganism and how making small changes to our diet can eventually contribute to the well-being of our planet. The participants were a varied group: some were vegan, others vegetarian, others omnivorous but were curious about veganism. Overall, the activity was well-received by the participants, who enjoyed the dishes being taught, and learned about a new, local restaurant that they could go to and support.

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