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Objective / Goal of the activity

Our goal with this activity was to integrate new international students into the local community creating a favorable environment for the practice of sport among international and local students. We wanted to promote the importance of taking care of personal well-being and train ESN Barcelona coordinators in ESN causes in general and specifically in Health and Well-being. 


This local phase of the International Erasmus Games was held in Barcelona throughout February 29, at the INEFC (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia) sports venue, this being a day that began with a dynamic of preparation for the day, followed by different tournaments based on the three pillars of the NEG, soccer, basketball and volleyball. During it, activities that promote a healthy lifestyle were included, emphasizing the benefits of practicing sport in our daily lives. The resolution of the day was based on a classification of the best teams with facilities to attend the NEG. In addition to giving visibility to one of the causes of ESN, we add the value of offering them healthy food.

Result of the activity

Almost 100 people were able to enjoy the event and spend an entire day practicing sports and enjoying a day with friends. The day was divided into two parts, at the morning there were soccer and basketball tournaments simultaneously, so the teams were rotating, and in the afternoon the volleyball tournament. We added all the points of the teams and finally we did a round to find out who were going to be the winners. In addition to sports we offered water, fruit and other healthy snacks and we did a dance class.