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Social Inclusion

Students with electronic devices

Online guessing game with Fundació Ludàlia



The goal of this activity was to keep in touch with our friends in Fundació Ludàlia despite the social distance and the quarantine. In order to make it more dynamic and fun, we decided to organize a questions contest based on Catalan culture and actions and places related with our relationship (ESN and Ludàlia). 

ESN UAB Barcelona

Health & Well-being

Sports Festival - ESN Barcelona

ESN Sports Festival - Barcelona


Barcelona, ES

Our goal with this activity was to integrate new international students into the local community creating a favorable environment for the practice of sport among international and local students. We wanted to promote the importance of taking care of personal well-being and train ESN Barcelona coordinators in ESN causes in general and specifically in Health and Well-being. 

ESN Barcelona UPF and 3 other organisations

Environmental Sustainability

Image of a compostable cup

Drap Art Exposition


Barcelona, ES

The objective of this activity was to visit an art exhibition that was aimed at raising awareness on the trash we produce and how that affects the planet. 

ESN UAB Barcelona

Social Inclusion

Kids doing an activity in a school

Photography Workshop with Fundació Ludàlia


Barcelona, ES

Fundació Ludàlia invited ESN volunteers and international students to their photography workshop and we had tons of fun!   The aim of this activity was to get together both ESN's and Ludàlia's members in a fun evening whilst taking photos and learning how to be in touch with your senses. 

ESN UAB Barcelona and 3 other organisations

Social Inclusion

Group of female elders, a volunteer and other international students eating chocolate with melindros.

Sunset views + snacks with the Elderly Care Center


Barcelona, ES

The main objective of this activity was to get international students and the elders from the Gran Via Park residence together in an outdoors activity. We have recently started collaborating with this Elderly Care Center and we aim to strengthen this synergy with these activities. 

ESN UAB Barcelona and 3 other organisations