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Entrepreneurship & Career Development
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Goal of the Activity

We have organized a workshop with the aim to improve our knowledge about European calls for projects and ideas 


The workshop has been organized with the help of trainers who had expertise on the field of writing and participating to European calls and local scholarships. The activity has been made online, using the Google meet platform, dividing the workshop between presentations and interactive moments. We have discussed about the importance of participating to open calls, starting from a good defined idea, and the necessity to identify problems and difficulties to better focus on the activities to do and to obtain the maximum impact from them. We have discussed about the importance of developing SMART (S = specific, M= measurable, A=achievable, R= realistic, T= Time-bound) ideas and projects and choose the right call basing on that idea. Different open calls have been presented (from the local DSU call to the European ESAA call), we have discussed abou the best way to organize the activities correlated to the project and how to define a budget for our activities. Finally, we have talked about the importance of a good communication and dissemination, to obtain the best results. 


By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality EducationGoal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
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