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Cause covered by this activity
Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Goal of the Activity

Gain better understanding of the different working status and related complain procedures. Be better prepared in case of receiving a job offer. Improve your knowledge on how to financially support yourself during the course of studies. Our aim is to give the basic interpretative tools for understanding the work system in Italy. 


All the ESN sections of Milan encurage the patecipation to this the workshop organized by our partner "YesMilano" in collaboration with San Martino Servizi, among all the volunteers, international students and local students. This workshop agenda is very wide. Our aim is to give you the basic interpretative tools for understanding the work system in Italy.


Work as an Employee

  • Permanent contract (tempo indeterminato)
  • Fixed term contract (tempo determinato)
  • Temporary Agencies (interinale)

Work as a self-employed

  • VAT Code (P.IVA)
  • Consultant contract (Co.Co.Co.)

Temporary jobs/gig jobs

  • How to work autonoumously without P.IVA (Ritenuta d’acconto)
  • Occasional jobs (Libretto Famiglia, Prest0)

Terms and Conditions in contracts: National Agreement vs. Individual contract

Social security, pension, and fiscal treatment


By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth