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Objective / Goal of the activity

The goal of our activity was through our welcome week's party to introduce to our Erasmus and Greek students the importance of the endangered species in our planet.
We tried to raise their awareness about each endangered species and it's contribution in our planet's flora and fauna as long as in our daily human lives.
More over we tried to motivate them to take an active role into helping different endangered species survive through the years, maybe by participating in an NGO by helping in their volunteering programs or by simply adoption an animal or contributed some money for it's survival.


We designed four colorful masks of four endangered species, which we used with the accompaniment of different props so us to motivate our students to use them and take some pictures with them behind a Photo Booth we also designed. 
 Next to this Photo Booth, we had printed some short information papers about the endangered species we displayed in the masks so as our students get informed about some basic information of the importance of the specific  animals and why we should use our time to help them. 
We also used our camera to take them group and pair pictures.
Before we start the photo shooting and after that as well, we gathered our students, after their arrival to the place of the event, to introduce them about our idea and it's purposed.
 What we mainly tried to do, was to motivate our students take an active role into the above topics by showing how we can include in a normal party the social inclusion aim and purpose.

Result of the activity

All of the participants, Greek and International found this activity and whole party progressive and unique.
They enjoyed the Photo shooting with the animal masks and props a lot and some of them asked  indeed more information about the assistance they can provide to those or more animals in need. 

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