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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Our goal was to develop skills in some fields of the world of ESN that can be useful in our everyday life and in our job, too. 

Learning Objective for the participants

We focused on two main fields: treasury and communication. 

The topics of our webinars were: 

1. "How to read accounting documents";

2. "How to prepare a participation fee";

3. "Social Media Management";

4. "How to Copywrite like a Pro";

5. "How to be in order and more notes of treasury".

Result of the activity

After the webinars, the participants are more aware of the importance of voting a budget, how it is built, how to establish a participation fee (for a travel and for an event), how to be in order with the accounting documents and what a Treasurer has to do. 

Referring to Communication, the participants learnt what Copywriting is and how it works and some basis of Social Media Management, for example the analysis of our Instagram and Facebook contents, what is more attractive for the public, etc.

Moreover, it has been also an occasion of team-building.  


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