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Education & Youth

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Tandem with ESN Strasburgo



The aim of this activity was to do a linguistic tandem and introduce and learn a little French and a little Italian through typical phrases, slang or tongue twisters, but also to have the opportunity to know each other.

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Environmental Sustainability

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Clean Up and Trekking


Pesaro, IT

The activity was organized in conjunction with the Earth Days and the Social Impact Days. The aim of the event is to promote a civic action of landscape cleaning, and spend a day together between physical activity and games. Virtuous actions that allow us to fully enjoy the natural heritage of the province.

ESN Urbino and 1 other organisation

Education & Youth

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ERASMUS DAY - Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino.


Urbino, IT

The purpose of the activity is to promote mobility opportunities in the Academy by showing the gain in personal and skills growth. In addition, the ESN Network was presented as a resource for students outgoing as well as an opportunity for volunteering.

ESN Urbino and 1 other organisation


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Giro dell'Ape


Urbino, IT

Aim of the event was to discover the typical Italian aperitif and embrace Italian culture spending time together as Italian students do.

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Health & Well-being

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Sports Day


Urbino, IT

The aim of this activity was to increase the ability of the participants to orient themselves in the city, even though it was still new for them. They had a map to help them and some destinations to reach, in which they had to take a photo.

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