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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

During this year, we had to face very hard times due to the pandemic that completely affected our lives.

We couldn' stay with the ones that we loved, we couldn't enjoy hanging out and everything just stopped for months.

No skin colour was important.

No economical situation was relevant.

No culture was privileged.

We were all united by one unique goal: to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

But as we started to leave the quarantine, differences seemed to come back.

We are sure that all of you know what has been happening in the USA, regarding black lives. Violence, discrimination and racism were coming all back again. Again, in these hard times of ours, that needed us to become all united, all a whole.

We believe all lives matter since we are all humans.

Learning Objective for the participants

Participants had the chance to listen to a testimony of how racism can change the way we are perceived by people.

All of it by watching a video of one of our coordinators of the Social group, that testified how being afro-Italian in Italy affected her life.

Result of the activity

Creating a debate among Erasmus students about a no so easy topic, that it's common in society.

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