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ESN Tallinn VR Game Night
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It is time to get more technological for our game nights. We are booking the whole game complex of Baasjaam for you, just so we can enjoy the 21st century experience. 😉

It is a night of having hands on experience with Virtual Reality (VR). 🤖

Although having those googles too long might be not easy, so we have other options for your “resting” time. What else we will do there? Play new and old-but-gold Playstation games, test our nerves in a scary room and try out the laser range. ❗

Sounds good? Invite your friends, register (and pay) and have a playful evening! The whole venue is ours for 2.5 hours✨️


❔ WHAT: ESN Tallinn VR Game Night

📍 WHERE: Baasjaam, Kaarli pst.8, Tallinn

⌛ WHEN: 28th of March, 18:00

💰 HOW MUCH: 14€ with ESNcard, 17€ without ESNcard




ESN Tallinn ❤️

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