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The goal of this activity was to encourage Erasmus students to engage in physical activity and embrace the spirit of camaraderie through sports. By organizing the volleyball match on International Day of Sport, ESN Plovdiv aimed to promote the importance of physical health and well-being among international students. Furthermore, by integrating local residents into the event, the activity facilitated cultural exchange and language practice, reinforcing ESN's mission of fostering intercultural understanding and friendship among diverse communities.


ESN Plovdiv organized a volleyball match on April 6th, International Day of Sport, to promote physical activity and sportsmanship. Prior to the event, organizers inspected the field and found the volleyball net had fallen. However, on the day of the event, they brought repair materials, though they were pleasantly surprised to find the net had already been fixed. Initially, around 6 or 7 Erasmus students attended, enough for a casual game of passing the ball but not for a full match. Later, they invited local park-goers, who were having a barbecue nearby, to join in. This led to a mix of Erasmus students and locals playing together, fostering communication in English and creating a memorable experience for all.

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