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Erasmus students playing voleyball
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The primary aim of this activity was to promote sportsmanship, physical activity, and outdoor recreation. By engaging in a game of volleyball, we encouraged healthy competition and teamwork while also fostering a sense of connection with the local community.


Beyond the game itself, the activity served as a reminder of the joy and vitality that comes from spending time outdoors and being active. It underscored the importance of incorporating physical exercise into our daily lives, not only for our physical health but also for our mental and emotional well-being.



We went to play a voleyball game at a local park in Plovdiv. However, upon arrival at the volleyball court, we encountered a pleasant surprise – it was already bustling with locals enjoying a game. To our delight, they graciously invited us to join in on the action.


With the teams set at six players each, we eagerly took to the court, ready for a spirited match. Laughter echoed across the field as we served, spiked, and dove for the ball, each point bringing us closer together as a community.

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