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San Dorligo Della Valle (ts)
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Objective / Goal of the activity

The main aim of our walk through the Nature Reserve of Val Rosandra was to let us and our Erasmus students understand how garbage pollution impact on the beauty and on the life of an environment that should be protected. The second aim, but not less important, was to let us feel part of an international team with the same wish: making our Planet a better place.


We organized the participants in small groups in the shelter. The member of “Zero Waste Trieste” explained to us the impact of throwing garbage to the environment and how plastics ended up in the sea. Then we walked for two hours through the reserve following different paths and the small river. While we were walking, we cleaned the area. At the end of the walk we had lunch together.

Result of the activity

At the end we found different kinds of garbage: everyday stuff, bottles, clothes and also refugees stuff. We filled more or less 10 trash bags. This made us think about different topics like: immigration, environment problems, consumerism. Of course, we also had fun and met new people.

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