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Objective / Goal of the activity

The objective of this solidarity competition is to practice some sports and collect food for the Banco de Alimentos de Cantabria. The winners will be the representatives of Santander in the National Erasmus Games.


A sports tournament with three disciplines: football, volleyball and basketball. To participate in this competition, international students had to donate a kilo of food (pasta, legumes, rice...) in aid of the Banco de Alimentos de Cantabria.

On the first day, they played volleyball The teams were composed of six members. They chose their group and if someone was alone we looked for partners for the team.

On the second day, they played football. The teams were composed of five members and some ESN volunteers decided to play too in order to practise languages too.

On the third day, they played basketball. The teams were composed of three members. ESN volunteers played basket too.

We tried to make it a mixed group. Furthermore, when the matches were over, we offered water and fruits.

On the last day, we celebrated the final. Medals and baskets with typical products from Cantabria were given out.

Result of the activity

International students enjoyed practicing sports during four days. Besides, with this activity we promoted a healthy lifestyle and the integration of international students and ESNers. Finally, we collected 62 kg of food to Banco de Alimentos de Cantabria.

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