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The purpose of this activity was for children to learn about the importance of social inclusion nowadays and also some main facts about people with disabilities that they didn't know before.


The exchange students came to the meeting place and immediately divided them into 4 groups which were mixed with ESNers. The quiz had around 60 questions, half of which were related to social inclusion and exclusion. In addition, there were questions about people with disabilities and things we did not know about them but also some general questions that made us laugh with the answers.

Result of the activity

Sadly it's the exam season, so the quiz night was really relaxing for the Erasmus students but also for the ESNers because most of the people are really tired of their effort they are putting in their exams. Erasmus students learned the meaning of social inclusion and at the end of the quiz, we had a little talk about their point of view in this specific subject.

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