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Heraklion, Crete
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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

Due to the Social Inclusion Days we decide to throw an AIDS awarenes party combined with the Rave Party. More Specifically we took an event like Rave Party that has a big Erasmus target group (and the rumor has it that it may combined drugs) and transform it into an AIDS awareness party. Also the following day was the World AIDS day.


This event as i wrote above was a combination between an AIDS awareness party and a Rave Party. The music that was played was Rave and we informed them all night about AIDS. More specifically, we had made AIDS awareness campaign red bows and we gave them to all the people in the club when they are getting in and inform them that it was about AIDS and the following day was the World AIDS day. We have prepared for them cards about the symptoms,  preventions and transmition of AIDS and we explained them and we answered the question. Lastly, we provided them with condoms.

Result of the activity

At the end of the party, people were informed about AIDS, overcame their prejudices about this sensitive subject  and enjoyed themselves.

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