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Cause covered by this activity
Goal of the activity

Coincidentally with ESN Italy's Green Month of May, we focused on the topic of deforestation and took an alternative path to plant some trees of our own: instead of doing it in person we decided to raise some money and pay for a few trees to be planted in Africa on the behalf of our ESNers and Erasmus.


Learning Objective for the participants

The objective was to focus on ESN Italy's topic of deforestation, given that May was selected as Green Month. We wanted to address this topic in an active way that allowed both ESNers and Eramsus to contribute and act against deforestation and its bad effect on our Planet.

Result of the activity

We kept a PayPal MoneyBox open for 2 weeks to give everyone the chance to participate: everyone who donated also had the possibility to suggest which kind of tree they wanted to plant. In the end, based on the amount raised, we evaluated the best deal on Treedom and purchased a triple pack of trees, all of different kinds and all being planted in different countries.

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