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Objective / Goal of the activity

The main goals of this campaign were to increase the number of applications for volunteering in ESN in the local sections across Portugal and, as an added bonus, across the network; to provide the local sections of ESN Portugal with material for this mandatory recruitment process; and to increase the visibility of the Federation and the Local Sections towards the local communities.



The national recruitment campaign consisted in showcasing the main reasons that led ESN volunteers to join ESN in the first place, and to stay, by, primarily, collecting and sharing testimonies from volunteers from sections of ESN Portugal. 

Together with the testimonies we aimed at getting ESNers from all over the network to engage with our content, and sharing their experience and memories of ESN within their social networks, having a greater reach towards a lot of potential new ESN volunteers.

The idea for this campaign emerged from the need of providing support and help to all the sections in our country, given the biannual mandatory recruitment requirement present in our Standing Orders, as a minimum requirement to be part of the Federation. 

Adding to this, with the support of ESN Portugal, there is a bigger reach and impact towards the local student’s community, and the students are redirected to their correspondent local ESN section, where they can apply to be volunteers!

The campaign consisted of images of the volunteers together with the testimonies provided by them, Instagram Stories Templates for all the ESN volunteers to share in their own personal accounts with some of the best moments, people and memories they have of ESN, having an increased reach with this indirect promotion, the Type of ESNer Instagram Filter that showcased the love of the volunteers for ESN by sharing it, also in their personal accounts, creating a buzz for their followers to get curious and try to know more about ESN and, last but not least, a “Proud ESNer” filter for the profile picture of Facebook for the volunteers to use and share in the description the reasons and motivation to join and stay in ESN.

With this campaign, ESN Portugal and its sections could establish a clear, consistent and engaging promotion of the recruitment of the ESN sections in Portugal, and possibly, create interest in the international community to also join ESN in their country of origin, not only helping the recruitment process in Portugal but also across the network.


Result of the activity

The main outcome of the campaign, result of its main goals, was the application of around 450 people, to potentially be new ESN volunteers, members of this great network. Along with this, there was also the establishment of a recognized image and brand of ESN Portugal across the network and externals, by putting up a concise communication plan and strategy for this campaign. 

Adding up the Instagram stories and posts reaches, the campaign had over 200 000 views, reaching an estimate of 10 000 accounts, counting with the indirect promotion made by all the volunteers, as expected.