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It seeks to provide a shared space where students can relax, unwind, and connect over the universal language of cinema. Ultimately, it's about creating memorable moments and friendships through the magic of storytelling on the big screen.


When: September 19th, 2023 at 19:00
Where: at MRU, Room: 

Come join us for a thrilling movie night at MRU on September 19th at 19:00, where we will be screening the action blockbuster Bullet Train!

Bullet Train is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller about a group of assassins with conflicting missions on a high-speed train from Tokyo to Kyoto. The film has been praised for its stylish action sequences, sharp dialogue, and dark humor. It is sure to be a hit with fans of action, thriller, and comedy movies alike.

So come along and join us for a night of excitement and suspense at MRU!

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