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Monte Isola
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the goal of the activity is showing the international people the beautiful nature outside the city through a hike, beinf able to enjoy the fresh air and the lake slowly and doing at the same time some phisical activity


In the moring of sunday the 25th of february we met at Brescia train station, toghether we took the train and we got off in the beautiful village of Sulzano, we walked for a couple of minutes and we reached the ferry station, where we took the ferry to Peschiera Maraglio on the beautiful Monteisola. Monteisola is the biggest european lake island. saarting from Peschiera Maraglio we walked for two hours and togheter we reached the top at the Santuario di Madonna della Ceriola, a beautiful church in the middle of the nature, there we had a picnic all toghether, enjoyed the breathtaking view and in the early afternoon we walked back to Peschiera Maraglio, took the ferry back to Sulzano, the train back to Brescia and tired but happy everyone went back home. The patrecipation fee was 0€, everyone just paid for their own train and ferry tickets.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Physical Health & Well-Being
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