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Alfafar, Valencia
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Objective / Goal of the activity

What we wanted with this activity is that  students of 1 and 2 ESO at the María Inmaculada school in Alfafar learned about German and Italian cultures and their traditions through a presentation.


On the afternoon of March 10, we did an Erasmus In School activity at the María Inmaculada school in Alfafar. This activity started at 3:15 p.m. and ended at 5 p.m. Javi and René participated, representing ESN, and Sara and Bettiz as Italian students. In addition, René also participated, explaining to the children his country.

At 15:15 we had the first meeting with 1 ESO students. In this class there were 28 students and at 16:10 we went to a 2 ESO class where there were also 28 students. 

The activity started by asking the students if they knew the Erasmus program.

Afterwards, René spoke about Germany,  his city of Hamburg, and told them some curiosities about Germany. 

Sara and Bettiz also told them about their country. Including the regions into which Italy is divided, the most important cities - highlighting Turin and Bolognia - and some important people from Italy. 

During the presentation we played a game with the children. They had to group into groups of 5 people and write stereotypes that they had about the Italians and then share them with the whole class. They liked this game a lot and it was a way for them to participate in the activity. 

Result of the activity

The activity was very positive. The 2 classes were very participative (especially the one from 1 ESO) and at the end of each activity the students asked my colleagues several questions about their respective countries related to their most curious customs. The school was also very good to us. Rafa, an English teacher at school, bought us drinks and some sweets.

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