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Language Tandem
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The goal of the activity is to give the participants the opportunity to explore foreign languages, different from theirs, broaden their horizons and share their own.


It is said that learning a new language is like opening a new window.
Why not take this opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore foreign languages as well as share your own? 🌍

In this language exchange tandem meeting, you will be able to discover new perspectives of the world and expand your language skills by communicating with native speakers of different languages.🗣️

You can practice a language you're learning, learn some new phrases in Greek, or even help someone discover your native language; and all that through fun, interactive games and activities that are guaranteed to get you hyped up!✨

Result of the activity

The participants shared theirs experiences, had a lot fun, learned new words and phrases and taught the others their languages.

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