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Young people celebrating after a match
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promote physical exercise in a fun way

promote Christmas spirit


Are you already having a proper spice late while listening to some old Swift tunes? Either way, prepare yourself to the “most wonderful time of the year” with your favourite ESNers. 

This time we invite to join us on Ice Skating! ☃️⛸️ We promise not to tell anyone how many times you fell and to be gentle with our expectations on your skills. 

To be honest, we are not masters ourselves but we enjoy a classic Decemberish evening and this is a must! 

If you always wanted to put some rollerblades on and ice skate your hair to the wind, Matosinhos wind will surely get the job done (if you know what we’re talking about). Doesn’t matter if you’re a delicate swan or a bumbling giraffe, we will be here to stand by your side and take as many pictures as possible!

Let’s see who is the Elsa of this semester shall we?

Put on your Christmas spirit and join ESN Porto because all we want for the 15th of December is you!

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