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Hops & Malt Yoga
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To make friends and discover Beer Yoga.


Dear Friends of inner peace and the joy for cold hops in a bottle or can!
Some say, Buddah once said, unprobably, Yoga is for the soul, but in combination with beer, healthy movements will change yours and every others whole life.
We, the ESN Konstanz, proudly present, for the sake of what was mentioned above, the ultimate game changer: Hops and Malt Yoga
The responsible degustation of beer in combination with stretching the hell out of you - Yoga. 
We will meet on the rolling plains of inner peace, also called Schänzle Park.
All you have to bring with you is at least 3 magical health portions of your favourite hops smoothy.
And if it is your wish, a mat, to keep respectful distance to Gaia.
But world peace and totally inner satisfaction has a high price: you have to sacrifice two euroninos, and you need to have one of the 3G 

And if you could not get the information out of the text above, here are the hard facts:

Beer Yoga
Wednesday 20.10.2020, 17.00 pm 
Entrance fee: 2€ on arrival, please bring coins, there is no change
Bring at least 3 beer or your favourite drink and warm comfortable clothes3G status proof
Meeting point: Schänzle Park:
Registration sheet:

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Physical Health & Well-Being
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