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Hiking and enjoying the nature


You enjoy nature and want to get to know the Bodensee area a bit better?

Then join us for a hike on Hohentwiel! It’s an extict volcano not far away from Konstanz. From there, you have a beautiful view over the lake and the alps – and also some castle ruins to explore! 
We will meet at the train station in Konstanz and take the train to Singen to start our hike! On the top of Hohentwiel we will stop to enjoy the view and have a picnic  If you want, you can also visit the castle during that time. After the break, we’ll continue the hike and follow the so-called volcano trail around the mountain.


And here are the hard facts:
When? Saturday, November 6th at 9:10
Where? Main entrance of the train station in Konstanz
Price? 5,30€ - 12€ for the round trip (the price depends on the number of people that join) + optional: 2,50€ to visit the castle
Duration? We will hike for approximately 3h in total with a break in between


Don’t forget to bring snacks and warm clothes for the picnic on top of the mountain!
The hike will be of medium difficulty. So everyone with an average level of physical fitness can join!
We recommend to wear sturdy shoesbring enough water and stay hydrated.
Please bring cash on Saturday to pay for your ticket!


You need to be vaccinatedrecovered or tested to participate


Disclaimer: Please be aware that pictures might be taken during events and those pictures might be published on our social media channels or used for ESN purposes. If you don't want pictures of you to be taken, you have to actively mention it to us.

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