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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

All we wanted was to make our students to believe that it is posible and fun to have some great time without psichotropical substances, to know each other better and incourage others to live a bit healthier and show places where they can gather and do some sports.


Monday (21th of October) we had a lesson and small talk about post Erasmus depression syndrome and how to deal with it

On Tuesday we visited our friends Atviros jaunimo erdvės (Open Youth space )and played table football. It is a space where smoking or drinking alcohol is forbidded so it was a prof we can have great time without any psichotropical substances.

On Wednesday we went climbing at Scala Dream laipiojimo uolomis centras (rock - climbing center)

On Thursday we played pool at Open youth space again

Also we decided to have some time to rest for few days and on Sunday despite bad weather we went on a hike to Dutchman’s cap (Olando kepurės skardis). The group of students and mentors made 10km overall, with snacks breaks and pictures in the nature.

Result of the activity

First of all we - the ones who organised this week - faced new experiences, fount new future parthers and places where we could attend with students. Smiles on students' faces - the best result we could get. This week made mentors and students closer from all the conversations, team building activities. The week was successful overall

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