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Exchange students during the workshop.
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Causes covered by this activity
Objective / Goal of the activity

- Promote a healthier lifestyle among exchange students;

- Raise awareness among exchange students to the importance of environmental sustainability.


After almost 2 months in Porto, do you feel like you should cook something different than the usual but you don't have enough time because you keep going to the ESN activities? And you want to learn how to cook some healthy and simple snacks? Then this is the right activity for you! 

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn from a professional how to eat healthy without having to be a chef! After this workshop you will be able to improve your Erasmus lifestyle!

If so far you're not convinced, just check out the menu: 
- Vitamin breakfast, so you can always start your day the best way
- Energy cocktails, to drink when you're too tired and have classes
- Sweet Spring Rolls, to eat something sweet without ruinning your diet!

Result of the activity

The workshop was given by a relatively new partner and we had a considerable number of exchange students at the event. This was a very basic workshop, but we think exchange students were expecting some more intense and difficult to reproduce. Next time we should try to prepare something more complex during the workshop. 

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