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  • The purpose of this Focus Group is to gather knowledge which students of Palacký University have about the topic of mobilities and Europeans rights. Main focus will be aimed at the discussion about struggles which students have when going abroad or are considering going abroad. 

This Focus Group is an event where we are going to share and disscuss thoughts on how young people perceive the offers around the European Union.


The Erasmus Generation In Action (EGIA) focus group convened in Spring 2023 to delve into students' perceptions of mobility and European rights. A total of 6 participants engaged in lively discussions within the welcoming atmosphere of the ESN office, employing both open discussions and dialogues to explore the multifaceted topics at hand.

The session's core questions revolved around diverse mobility opportunities, the rights and freedoms that European citizenship entails, the hurdles encountered in participating in mobility programs, and strategies to bolster and sustain these mobility initiatives. 

The results unveiled predominant themes centering on barriers faced when pursuing international experiences. Detailed responses to the key questions underscored motivations rooted in education, exploration, cultural immersion, and language enhancement. Participants enumerated a plethora of opportunities like Erasmus+, ADEL, Aurora, and more, while also emphasizing the significance of rights such as mobility, living, and education.

Barriers such as ECTS recognition, financial constraints, accommodation logistics, and paperwork emerged prominently. The need for adjusted country registries, standardized paperwork, and a supportive buddy system emerged as solutions to overcome these hurdles.

With an insightful perception of mobility as a privilege in this century, the participants offered recommendations to streamline communication, address financial disparities, manage accommodations, and standardize paperwork procedures.

The focus group's outcomes, a treasure trove of flipcharts, discussions, audio recordings, and transcripts, are set to be shared with ESN CZ and the International Office of Palacky University, underscoring the collaborative and proactive approach towards enhancing mobility experiences for students.

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Promotion of Participation in Student Mobility

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Erasmus Generation in Action (EGiA)
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