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Causes covered by this activity
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Goal of the activity

Main goal of the activity was to familiarize Polish students with Italian and Portuguese culture. Due to COVID-19 we had to transform our major project into online version. That's why we created several activities for participants during the five-day event.

Learning Objective for the participants

Events was divided into 5 parts, every day we prepared something different for the participants:

Day 1: One of ESNers have told about her student exchange in Italy using our Instagram account (ESN_AGH). What's more our erasmo from Italy have prepared short video about most important facts you have to know about their country.

Day 2: Italian students have prepared few most popular dishes, we posted it on our InstaStories. Their also recorded short video about the power of gestures in Italy.

Day 3: We organised online meeting, where our ESNers have told abour their erasmus exchange in Portugal and answered questions of Polish students wondering about their future exchange.

Day 4: We have prepared  the list of most popular Portuguese drinks and dishes, which has been posted on our instagram stories. On facebook event we have posted picture with basic Portuguese sentences and translations to English. 

Day 5: Participants could check their knowledge about Italy and Portugal in short quiz we have prepared for them on our Instagram.

Result of the activity

Polish people who were wondering about going to Portugal or Italy for students exchange could get to know these two countries better. We have shown them both local people and Polish people perspective of these beautiful places.

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