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Objective / Goal of the activity

Open the doors of the ESN Tallinn office in Student House, Town Hall Square to any and all who choose to visit us. Introducing the work of ESN Tallinn, its members and board members to all Erasmus and degree students.


We set up a date and time and kept our doors open. Everyone was welcome and there were some snacks and tea available for all the visitors. All board members were present in the office to welcome the students and describe to them how we operate. The work we have to do, the effort we make to ensure they have the best time of their lives in Tallinn. Anyone was welcome to come forward with any questions they had, buy their ESNcards, where to get the best discounts, get information about future events, literally anything they wanted to. The idea was to truly make them feel at ease and at home.

Result of the activity

A lot of people showed up, some just for the snacks, some with friends, some for ESNcards and some just to chill. This was one of the events that was not really necessary but was a good opportunity to promote the section and the network. Showing how hectic volunteer work can be but at the time why it's all worth the effort.

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