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Objective / Goal of the activity

Show our visitors from Riga around the beautiful city of Tallinn and spend a good time with them 🙂🤗


ESN Riga contacted us through our Facebook Page. We got to know about the dates when they would arrive in Tallinn. For the day of their arrival, we spoke with our travel partners and helped arrange a tour for them of Tallinn’s beautiful old city. Professional tour guides were present to welcome our guests and show them around while letting them know interesting facts about the city we all know and love.
For the night, we spoke to a partner bar and arranged a game of charades. Both students studying in Tallinn and those who were visiting us from Riga were welcome to attend the event and just have a fun night. We divided them into teams at random so more people could meet and mingle with each other. The game was simple, within a limited time, guess as many words or phrases that you can. We prepared the cards beforehand for this game night.

Result of the activity

During the day, our travel partners gave a very nice tour to the entire group (about 50 people) that came from Riga to Tallinn. They were given reflectors and some other small souvenirs as well.
At night some people took their time in joining the event but by the end of it the bar was full and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game of charades that had been prepared for them. We created a sort of competition for all the teams on the spot with the team guessing the highest number of cards being the winners.

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