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Young people celebrating after a match
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he core idea was to collect kilometres and let the sections donate a self-choiced amount of money per kilometre. Everybody, ESN-member and international stduent, was able to contribute in this project and help for a social cause. 


The funds were directed to the German Red Cross and their project aiding homeless individuals during the cold winter months. The money is utilized for blankets, clothing, shelter, food, medical care, and counseling services.

We wanted to let the participating people let known that such small effort can help a lot for less privileged people.


We were able to donate little over 1000€ to German Red Cross for their "Kältehilfe" project. This project aims to help people in need during the cold winter. With that money they are able to offer clothes, blankets, accomodation, food, medical care and supplies and counceling services. 

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By organising this activity, the organisers want to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals
Foster Active Citizenship & Volunteering
Mental Health & Well-Being
Physical Health & Well-Being
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