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Responsible Drinking:

  • Promote responsible drinking by offering a variety of non-alcoholic options, organizing designated driver programs, and actively discouraging excessive alcohol consumption.

Innovative Theme Integration:

  • Integrate the Western theme in innovative and respectful ways, avoiding cultural appropriation and stereotypes while celebrating the spirit of the theme.

Howdy, Cowboys and Cowgirls!

🌵 Saddle up and dust off those cowboy boots because on 22.2. the Unik Club is transforming into the wildest Western escapade you've ever seen! 🤠

This ain't your ordinary night out—it's a Western adventure waiting to happen, and it's also one of the last chances to party with ESN CU!

📍 Where? Unik, where the saloon doors swing wide for all you city slickers and ranch hands.

👢 Now here's the twist: We're callin' all y'all to dress the part! Cowboy hats, spurs, and fringed jackets – the whole shebang! 🌵✨ And hey, how 'bout a nod to Toy Story? Woody, Jessie, and their trusty horse—don't forget to bring the Toy Story magic to life!

🎁 And guess what, partner? The first 50 hombres and señoritas through the swinging saloon doors will snag themselves a rootin' tootin' surprise that'll make this Western farewell even more unforgettable!

🎧 Get ready to two-step all night long because DJ Pilat is taking the reins, spinning the hottest tracks to keep the dance floor sizzlin'! And remember, you can "take the horse to the old town road" because someone's gotta bring that Toy Story charm!

Round up your posse, and let's make it a night to remember. Yeehaw! 🎶🌙 

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Social and Cultural Integration in Local Community
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