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Objective / Goal of the activity

Share Erasmus and life experience abroad with regular students in Bari, promote student mobility and cultural exchange, and tell about your approach to southern Italian culture and lifestyle.


Some ESNrs and Erasmus students in Bari, partecipated to the weekly RadioUniba radio program "Uniba on the road". That show was about youth exchanges for ESNrs, and about their own experience in Bari for International students, focusing on the main differences, such as university and lifestyle, between Bari and their home country.

The program was in Italian.

Result of the activity

It was a success: we participated in 3 live shows of the radio program, and we recorded another 2 episodes, and as Erasmus students as the others people were enthusiastics! (I hope the listeners were interested too) Moreover it was also important because that was the official webradio of University of Bari.

Unfortunately we had to stop this activitie because of covid outbreak in Italy (we were supposed to partecipate for the whole semester with live and recorded shows).

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